Letter to the Editor: Why Los Alamos Needs a Full Indust-Tech Incubator

By Bill Sellers
VP, Los Alamos Entrepreneurs Network

On its way to the Governor’s office for a signature is freshman Carl Trujillo’s bill #401a, which stipulates an incentive for the State Investment Council to deliberately seek out and invest in [NM-based] companies arising from the technology transfer efforts of our national labs.

I might note Trujillo is from Santa Fe County, where there is an already existing incubator, and an effective support network for start-up incubation.
They are focused, not diluting their efforts trying to be jacks-of-all trades, like other commerce organizations suffering “mission-creep.”
In addition to Trujillo’s efforts, Sen. Tim Keller of Albuquerque has introduced legislation that ‘tweaks’ the NM Gross Receipts Taxes levied on these kind of national lab commercialization “precursors” … i.e. the GRT would be eliminated on legal arrangements (CRADAs, W-f-O, licenses, etc), if the investments stayed in-state for a reasonable period, etc., sans any clawbacks.
Commentary: We in Los Alamos spend an awful lot of time bemoaning a lack of retail opportunities, housing, tourism, etc. … while dwelling way, way too much (IMHO) on “past glories” … delaying ordinary things other NM municipalities would simply kill to have (like nice new City Halls and shopping, etc), or blowing our money on luxury assets less than 5 percent of the population uses.
We routinely engage in “paralysis of analysis” activities, forever “studying it”, lacking an accomplishment mentality … maybe it’s time to take some action here?

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