Letter To The Editor: Why Is It …?

Los Alamos

We have received our annual Los Alamos County property tax bill. It says to send a check or money order.

We pay other recurring LAC bills, such as utilities, on a monthly basis via direct withdrawals from our banking account. Why is it that we do not have the same additional option given to us by LA County to have our property tax debited from our bank account, on a given annual date for the full bill or on two, given, semiannual dates for the 1st half and 2nd half installments, in addition to writing checks?

Besides being convenient, as is doing so for our utility payments via account debiting, I envision such a setup would save many property owners some grief from assessed penalties and interests should they choose to make the payments in two installments and forget to make the 2nd (6 months later) in a timely manner. 

LAC does not deem it necessary [explicitly stated on the tax bill] to send out a reminder that one’s second half property tax bill needs to be paid! I believe LADP makes an effort as a public service to be a reminder for its readers. So, why is it that LAC finds logging a check and then debiting it to the specified checking account a superior accounting practice to just debiting to the property owner’s specified bank account in the first place?


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