Letter To The Editor: Why I Voted For Trump

Los Alamos

At the Republican National Convention July 21, 2016, I told millions of Americans that Donald Trump was the only presidential candidate who would preserve the American Dream. I declared that he would ensure a more prosperous, safe and secure future for our children and our grandchildren.

Since that once-in-a-lifetime, never-happen-again moment, I have made new friends as well as new enemies. I had no idea what a “gif” was until I saw one of myself, mocked and ridiculed on Twitter. I received my first hate mail, addressed to my office, replete with profanities and racial insults. Not surprisingly, those that tout love, kindness, and tolerance will hurl the most vicious of attacks. I have not wavered in my support for Donald Trump. I am unashamed and proud to have cast my vote for him.  

Briefly, here are my reasons:  

  • We have to replace our failed and corrupt political Establishment with a government that works for, and is accountable to we, the American people.
  • The legacy of Hillary Clinton is death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness all over the world. We have to stop these interventionist, regime-changing wars. It’s time for America to focus more on domestic, not foreign affairs.  “Americanism, not globalism, must be our new credo.”
  • In step with her support for NAFTA, Hilary Clinton will pass the TPP.  This will outsource more jobs, force Americans to compete with low-wage labor, and largely benefit big corporations and Wall Street. We must reform our trade policies to protect American jobs and manufacturing.
  • Trump will lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, which will make the US more competitive, globally. It will encourage American businesses to invest in the US and promote economic growth. Trump will simplify the tax code, ease the regulatory burden, and supports a tax deduction for child care expenses.
  • Immigration is a national security issue. We have to be more selective about who we’re letting into this Country. Period. We have to pause immigration from terrorist dominated countries. We have to secure our borders, deport criminals, and end sanctuary cities. It’s not racist or xenophobic, but absolutely essential to our safety.
  • We have to replace this crazy thing called Obamacare with free market driven proposals that work. Just like I warned years ago, Obamacare is a job-killing nightmare of taxes, mandates and regulations.   Instead of wasting millions setting up these Exchanges, we could have strengthened our safety net for the most vulnerable among us. Insurers are denying my patients medications that they have taken for years. I’m spending hours, fighting for the meds that my patients need, fighting for scraps to take care of people. By the way, medications that were once $12 are now $150 a bottle. Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Government controlled health care is crazy expensive.
  • Trump wants to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which will give a political voice to the Church. He will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court that share my values. I am pro-family, pro-children, and pro-life.

Vote Trump!  #MAGA