Letter To The Editor: Why I Switched From DTS To Democrat So I Could Vote For James Robinson

Los Alamos
First let me tell you why I switched from DTS to Democrat so I could vote for James Robinson. It’s because he switched from a leadership roll in the Republican party and became a Democrat. I switched from DTS to Democrat so I could vote for Bernie Sanders. It was to late for him but I wanted to encourage the young people who supported him to run for office some day. I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.
 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a 28-year-old liberal activist daughter of working class immigrants who was a Bernie Sanders campaign manager knocked off the No. 4 ten term House Democrat Joe Crowley in New York City.Of course Trump tweeted “Perhaps he should have been nicer, and more respectful, to his president!”
Two of my grandchildren in Boulder are registered to vote. Soon their generation will be running for office. It’s the people under 50 who are going to change this country.
I moved here in 1967. My husband was a reactor operator at Omega Site. That was where he met James’ grandfather Tom. He also worked with Tom at the VanDeGraph and TA-15.
The only time I met James was when I walked into Baskin Robbins and said “you have got to be Tom’s grandson. I was impressed with him. Back when I voted for the person not the party I voted for him whenever he ran for an elected office.
I will also be doing two things I have never done before putting up one of his signs and donating to his political Campaign. I will do the same for Michelle because those two are the ones I think have to absolutely be elected.
I will then vote for any Democrat who is running. Last election I though there couldn’t possibly be enough people in this country that think like Trump to get him elected. I should have known better because I come from Trump country.
Ninety percent of Republicans approve of what Trump is doing so we could have a red wave unless every Democrat and Independent votes.

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