Letter To The Editor: Why I Give Money Away

United Way Northern New Mexico Board President

It’s Autumn, time for cool evenings, warm sunshine, and beautiful colors. It’s also time for the United Way annual campaign. In loose conversation about kids and life, I recently had someone ask me why I give money away.

It took me a little by surprise, but the question was honest, so I tried to give an honest answer. “I give because I can” I said. I think that giving to others in need brings me joy. They challenged me though and suggested maybe my motivations weren’t altruistic, but really just a twisted form of selfishness.

I considered this view. I love Los Alamos and living in northern New Mexico. I want my community to be a safe and comfortable place. I prefer to meet smiling faces everywhere I go. Parents are more fun to talk to when their kids aren’t troubled or they don’t have issues with childcare.

It can be painful to hear about broken families troubled by addiction or violence. So … yeah, maybe I just want this to be the community I dream it could be. Without all that. Since this is my home, maybe my motivations are selfish in nature. I want to live in the perfect place.

Then again, maybe it’s just that giving to others in need brings me joy. I guess it doesn’t really matter – at least not to those in need. Whatever your reasons might be, please join me in helping others in your community.  They will appreciate it.