Letter To The Editor: Why I Endorse James Rickman

Los Alamos 

I am voting for Jim Rickman to be our next Magistrate Judge. I strongly urge you to do the same.

In New Mexico, magistrate judges are only required to have a high school degree or equivalent, unless the judicial district has 200,000 people or more. We need a judge with more than the minimal requirements to provide a more effective, equitable, evidence-based experience for plaintiffs, defendants, and victims and to improve the poor reputation of our magistrate court for ignorance of legal requirements and procedures.

I have known and worked with Jim Rickman for years. Although he is not a lawyer, he has a strong liberal arts education and worked for 10 years as a reporter seeking an accurate picture of the facts by gathering and evaluating information from multiple sources. While working with Jim at the Laboratory, I saw him speak truth to power, which is an extremely valuable trait for a judge to assure justice is done.

Jim has lived in Los Alamos for most of his life and served on the County Council, so he knows our community. Jim cares about people. While in college he tutored inmates at the penitentiary in southern New Mexico. He believes in second chances and restorative justice. Jim knows how lives can be ruined by judicial decisions driven by moral judgment and punishment.

After 16 years it is time for a change. Jim will bring new energy, ideas, knowledge, and experience to improve the judicial process for defendants, plaintiffs, and victims.