Letter To The Editor: Why I Am Voting For Stephen Boerigter – District 2 School Board (Chamisa)

By a Concerned Citizen
Los Alamos

For the last four years, Matt Williams has served as the School Board member for District 2 (Chamisa District). During this time, Matt has gone the extra mile and been an advocate for the schools. I am grateful for the service he has given.

At this point, District 2 has two candidates to fill his shoes: Stephen Boerigter and Darryl Sugar. While I do not know either candidate on a personal level, I know enough to make a clear choice.

Mr. Boerigter has been on the UNM-LA Advisory Board for many years and is well respected by those who know him. He also is involved with the United Way and the Kiwanis Club. His wife Kathy is a respected teacher at the High School who recently won a prestigious award.

On the other hand, while I appreciate Mr. Sugar made himself an open book in a recent letter to the editor (Los Alamos Daily Post Jan. 14, 2017 link), the fact is he still has a rap sheet. Public records indicate that he was arrested within the last six months.

For me the choice is clear. Please join me in voting for Stephen Boerigter for District 2.

P.S.: Please note – Part of Pinon’s school boundaries fall into the Chamisa precinct for purposes of School Board elections. All of Chamisa’s school boundaries fall into the Chamisa precinct.

Maps of School Board precincts: (See third one down for White Rock):


When and where can I vote?

According to the County Clerk’s Office, registered voters may vote in the upcoming School Board election at the County Clerk’s Office (Suite 240) during their normal hours of operations (Monday to Friday, 8AM-5PM) anytime between now and February 3rd, regardless of precinct. They remain open during the lunch hour.

After this, you may vote on February 7th, from 7AM to 7PM at either the White Rock Library or the Municipal Building, in the Boards and Commons room. You may vote at either location regardless of precinct.

Los Alamos County Clerk’s Page: