Letter To The Editor: Why Future Generations Don’t Need Bond

By A Student
Los Alamos
I have heard a lot of people saying this bond would be an investment in future generations, to have more options, or that they just don’t want to travel to Santa Fe.
As a member of the future generation in Los Alamos, I am Voting no on the Rec Bond.
If investing in the community is someone’s goal then please invest in the housing problem; invest in making sure the future generation has the opportunity to have a roof over their heads and then and only then can anything else be considered. Students are being forced to live in their cars, camp in the park, and live in dangerous situations because they cannot find housing.
This bill states that a new pool, indoor skating rink, and Splash Pad is more important than housing. Los Alamos is a great community, but are we really are just going to sit by and not do anything about this? Are we really just going to let these students suffer?
You might all be thinking that it will all be fine, it always is, but what if it’s not? What if something happens? Imagine it was your child camping out there and not knowing if they will be ok? I mean it’s not like Los Alamos has bears or other dangerous animals living in the mountains (sarcasm).
In addition, I’ve heard people reasoning that these new facilities would be “safer,” but do you think the current living conditions of students are safe?
How can we move forward when we are spending lots of money on unnecessary facilities that will only be used a few months out of the year? Why are we not doing something about the extremely necessary housing?
We as a community need to get our priorities straight and work together to solve the housing problem. I know it’s is a huge problem that cannot be solved over night, but if we pull together it can be accomplished. We need to cooperate with one another and demand that the council use this money where it is really needed. If we cannot get housing for students or future hires for the lab, what makes you think there will be a community later on? How could anyone live in Los Alamos when there is no housing available?
In addition, if none of these reasons has yet convinced you of voting no then here is a great question to everyone. What if the LANL becomes a nonprofit with the new contract?
That would mean less taxes on the lab and less money coming into the community to help pay for this bond. What then? The people of this community would be held responsible to pay back this bond. Yes, you guessed it – more taxes on the community.

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