Letter to the Editor: Why Do We Need A Tagline?

Los Alamos

The more opinions I see in the Los Alamos Daily Post about tag lines, the more I wonder why we need one, or a new one.

Personally, I have never visited–or not visited–a location because of their tag line. Are we just trying to “join the club” or do the powers-that-be think it will make us a better place to live and visit? I’ve  lived here for the better part of 55 years and I’ve never felt deprived because we didn’t have a catchy new tag line every now and then. I’ve never heard a tourist say they came here because of our tag line unless it was their interest in “The Atomic City” as a historical site.

I see no reason for so much effort and confrontation. Let’s just drop it. If we really feel we need one, let’s stick with what we’ve been using. Let’s go with either “The Atomic City” (which is unique to us), or “Where Discoveries Are Made.” I don’t think it will make any difference in tourism or life style, and a lot of money will be saved to spend on some other nonsense. Besides, the t-shirts and mugs are already done!


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