Letter to the Editor: Why Alan Weber Should Be Nominee

Seeking the Democrat’s Gubernatorial Nominee

Los Alamos

Alan Webber is the candidate in the five-way gubernatorial race who ought to be the leading choice to represent the Democrats in November for two essential reasons. Alan has not only the platform and the leadership abilities for leading from the Governor’s Office the next eight years, but is the only candidate who can prove the prognosticators that declare the Democrats can’t win that office in November are wrong.

I have been following this race closely for several months, and have had personal interactions with all but one candidate in recent years. No doubt they all have aspirations for improving the quality of life for New Mexicans and each has spoken well for that goal. However, Alan has impressed me as the singular leader who will gather the energy of New Mexicans committed to investing in the future of our people to cooperate and thrive.

Advice I received in my teens seems especially significant in light of the low voter turnout before Election Day Tuesday. “Beware of what you want, because you will probably get it.” If anyone wants to let others make the choice of our next party’s gubernatorial candidate, then you may very well regret your lack of participation as an informed voter casting a vote on Tuesday.

I recommend two sources of information. The Democratic Party of Los Alamos website, www.losalamosdemocrats.org is a place to start, and then following the choices that include Alan Webber’s website, www.alanfornm.com.


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