Letter To The Editor: Who Owes Whom An Apology?

Los Alamos
In response to the article, “Veterans Apologize to Japan for Using Nuclear Weaponsexactly which veterans made this apology?
Two veterans I knew (my father and my father-in-law) gave three of the worst years of their lives and daily risked their lives to turn back the evil Japanese Empire, which threatened to take control of most of Asia.
Up until the time of “this hugely atrocious crime against humanity” (according to the Veterans for Peace) our country had lost thousands upon thousands of lives and vast amounts of resources. As U.S. forces prepared to invade mainland Japan at a probable cost of tens of thousands of more American soldiers and probably a much greater number of Japanese, the decision was made to force a quick end to the war with nuclear weapons.
Most Americans and likely many other people were glad to see the war ended sooner rather than later. Japan was probably spared much additional devastation.

Were the Japanese concerned about crimes against humanity when they engaged in their ill-conceived expansionism? I doubt it. Was Japan better off after the war because the U.S. restructured the Japanese political system and economy and fended off communism? Yes.

Who owes whom an apology? Should we sympathize with the victims of Japan … or with the perpetrator of this tragedy (Japan)? Peace is good, but war is sometimes necessary to stop bad people from running over everyone else. 

We owe Japan no apology. Let’s put this behind us and move on. Japan is our friend and partner now and that’s what matters.