Letter to the Editor: Who Cares If LAHS Is #1 If Your Child Hates Going To School Every Day?

Los Alamos

I read the article about how Los Alamos High School is the #1 high school in the state. I guess that’s great if that is what is important to the school district. After all, their goal is to be in the top 100 schools in the nation.

What concerns me is that the district cares so much about getting recognition for what they do rather than simply serving the students in our community well and making sure that ALL of them have the chance to succeed.

I’ve been an educator in this state for 30 years and I have worked in many New Mexico communities. Other school districts, if you look at their mission/vision statements, mention the students. In fact, all of them consider the students first, not their standing in a competition that really means little in the end.

Seriously, who cares if LAHS is #1 if your child hates going to school every day?

I’ve seen teachers in small rural communities bend over backwards to serve their students well. To them, it is all about the student and their future, not the school district. They don’t care if they look good to the rest of the state or the country. They only want to help those kids make it in an exceedingly difficult world.

I know there are parents, young people, and teachers in Los Alamos who understand what I’m saying. Unfortunately, many of the teachers have quit working in the district because they do not have the support they need to support those kids who struggle in school.

I’ve talked with many disenfranchised students in Los Alamos and their parents, who often think they have failed as parents because their kids struggle in the Los Alamos schools. I tell them all the time that it is the schools that have failed their kids, not them. I truly believe that. I think that those kids who have a hard time in school deserve a voice. Instead, they are basically told they just won’t make it and they should go get their GED. LAHS isn’t a private school!

There is a huge homeschooling population in Los Alamos, and there’s a message there — that the schools aren’t meeting the needs of too many kids these days. And it’s easy to see why – they only care about reputation.

Get over yourselves LAHS. You aren’t as great as you think you are but you could be if you just took the time to change your priorities. It’s all about the students – all students, not just the top 10 percent. Remember that.