Letter To The Editor: White Rock’s New Zip Code

White Rock
I just got off the phone with Brent Montgomery of the USPS in Phoenix, Ariz.
He was the one who sent the letter to White Rock residents informing us that as of July 1 our zip code would be 87547. The letter did not say you have a new address White Rock, NM 87547. My husband was on the phone with Dell computer this morning. They asked for his address. He said Los Alamos, NM 87547. The computer wouldn’t accept that zip code. She tried putting in the zip code and it came up White Rock, NM.
I tried to explain to him that we are a suburb of Los Alamos, not a separate town. He said we are a separate community. I told him Santa Fe (and any other large community) has multiple zip codes but the address is still Santa Fe, NM. ,
I had a stamp made that says New Zip Code 87547 that I have been stamping on all my outgoing mail. It should have said new address White Rock, NM 97547.