Letter To The Editor: White Rock Needs A Thrift Shop

United Church Thrift Shop
Dear County Council,
White Rock is in dire need of a thrift shop. It might be to the County’s benefit to do something.
The Los Alamos thrift shops receive much more than we can use. We end up being more of a sorting center than a thrift shop. We are over-whelmed!
A County committee could look into inviting a commercial thrift shop such as Habitat for Humanity, Savers, Salvation Army, Good Will or similar company.
Savors located in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Rio Rancho receives a lot from us through Clothing Helping Kids and Big Brothers & Big Sisters. Habitat for Humanity receives a fair amount from us and has shops in Espanola, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. These stores would be open six or seven days a week and need to charge higher prices but handier for the customers. Their overhead would need to include hiring sorters and clerks, maintenance, rent, etc. Our shops would be open one or two days a week with cheaper prices. Our shops are run by volunteers.
Another idea would be a community volunteer shop having a building supplied by or rented from the County. There are available volunteers left from the Jemez House Thrift Shop. They also have some racks and display cases available. The income could go to the United Fund or something similar.
Many others in White Rock don’t bother making the extra trip up the hill and simply throw away their unwanted items adding to the County land fill. The County could save space in the land fill with a thrift shop program. The White Rock community would have a handier place to drop off their unused items and be able to shop at a closer location. 
County support could be helpful. Does the County have any suggestions since this problem also is affecting the County? Does the County own any available space in White Rock that could be rented at a reasonable price? A thrift shop in White Rock would contribute to a greener community.
I would appreciate a reply.