Letter To The Editor: White Rock 87544 Forever!

White Rock
I am proud to be from White Rock, and like many of my fellow White Rockians, I have chosen to display my pride with a large White Rock 87544 tattoo on my chest.
I also have a tattoo of the White Rock on my back. I have nothing against people from Los Alamos. Some of my best friends are from Los Alamos. I just don’t think it right that they want to take our zip code away from us. 
Are the people of Los Alamos going to pay for us to get tattoo modifications? What am I going to do with the sheet of return address labels that I got for contributing to charity last year? Will my VS catalogs still come to my house if the zip code doesn’t match?
I say let’s keep it whole, or change Los Alamos. White Rock 87544 forever!