Letter To The Editor: Whiney Middle-Aged White Guys

Los Alamos

Yes, we know, your workout is sacrosanct. 

You are used to being taken quite seriously. Your opinion matters. We should all be willing to accept a greater degree of risk so your life style is in no way compromised by a historic drought worsened by climate change. You, after all, are you.

Please get over yourselves.

Here are 10 things you can do to make our planet a better place while your sneakers gather dust:

  • Work to end climate change
  • Write a thank you letter to all the Hot Shot crews in the American West
  • Donate money to those suffering as a result of evacuations
  • Write a letter to anyone you can think of to end gun violence in America
  • Write letters, attend marches, and do absolutely anything else possible to keep abortion safe and legal
  • Plant a tree
  • Plant a flower
  • Stitch those unsightly snags in all your Patagonia activewear
  • Polish your BMWs and Audis
  • And number ten write a thank you letter to our Fire Chief!

  Protecting us isn’t easy. Thank you Chief.


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