Letter To The Editor: When Did I Become A Hypocrite

Los Alamos

I continue to admire and commend the LANL employees who are on leave, and will remain so for the foreseeable future; which forces me to ask, when did I become a hypocrite.

Was it prior to the Oct. 15 LANL Mandate deadline? Or Oct. 21 when I received the first dose? Perhaps Nov. 4 when I received the second (knowing full well that there are numerous challenges in play)? Or ultimately, Nov. 24, when I should be permitted to go back to the office.

After another week of the Accommodation, the State of New Mexico and the County of Los Alamos is still red – at least from COVID.

International air travel is now open, the US-Mexico border is now open for legal passing (it was never closed down for undocumented persons), our friends and family in Arizona, Colorado, and Texas having far fewer restrictions in place, and OSHA delaying enforcement of the Federal Mandate.

Where is the logic in the current LANL accommodation? How many of us personally know friends and family who have  either been (or not been vaccinated) that seem to not follow the narrative that has been engineered by the mainstream media, the social media, and the political class?

Interestingly enough, the CDC’s COVID  visualizer indicates the vast majority of the United States is in the red – except for Florida and Texas. Then comparing this with the CDC’s visualization of “New cases of COVID-19, reported to CDC, in CA, FL, NM, TX, AZ, and CO, Seven-day moving average of new cases (per 100K) by number of days since 1 average daily cases (per 100K) first recorded” one is forced to ask:

Where is the salvation that was promised by the vaccine (link)?  

The graph shows the cases in AZ, CO, and NM going up – yet cases in CA, TX, and FL falling. Further, medical consequences to individuals from the various vaccines can be read on the CDC’s website. As is further apparent, COVID comes in waves as is anticipated with various infectious diseases; yet, not in New Mexico. As the data shows, New Mexico’s per 100K number have continually trended up since the Mandates have been promulgated at LANL and New Mexico. Again, the numbers do indicate the vaccine is more effective than not, but at what cost to the ideals of Liberty?

When will policy makers take an objective look at the data (even as provided by the Government) and come to the realization that COVID is a natural hazard that will have to be lived with as we previously lived with the other corona virus – the flu. Let us work for a future where mandates and non-accommodating accommodations are not promulgated “in the hope that the vaccine (and the ever more pushed boosters) will reduce extreme hospitalizations and deaths.”

To provide an answer to my stated question: one daughter is going strong in school, two adult daughters came home – one merely for an impromptu visit, and we saw our son off to Marine Corp boot. My wife Shelly and I enjoyed a very relaxing birthday vacation with friends in Colorado, and I’ve been helping out at our business and our church. All the while reading a wonderful book called “1984” in which I just read “… in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, ‘just to keep the people frightened’.”

Indeed, when did I become the hypocrite?


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