Letter to the Editor: What’s Going On At Aquatic Center?

Los Alamos

I have a few questions for anyone from the County who may know about the schedule of renovations going on at Larry Walkup pool.

  • Why has the pool opening been delayed? I know something went wrong because when I ask friends who work for LA County, they look uncomfortable say they really can’t talk about it.  So why the delay and why the secrecy?
  • Is this delay costing us more money?
  • The most important question is when will the pool reopen?  All I am looking for is approximate week/month/year.  I am asking because some of us are using other pools in Santa Fe and Pojoaque and it would be helpful to know if we should buy extended passes at these neighboring city pools.

It would be nice if the County could post updates on the Aquatic Center web page or announcements in the Los Alamos Daily Post of work progress and their best guess of when the pool will reopen.