Letter To The Editor: What Is More Important, Knowing My Name Or Discussing The Facts?

By That Concerned Citizen Again
Los Alamos

Mr Visel, you are already the second person in town who does not seem to realize that you are supporting a threatening government that makes immigrants like me feel unsafe to show their face if they have a fact-based critical attitude about them (click this  link to read an exchange between Gerald Antos and Concerned Citizen a few weeks ago).

I find this surprising for a city like Los Alamos that most conservative people are silent about a lying and threatening government (e.g. detaining US citizens at the border for their dark skin is unconstitutional, or Mr Trump yesterday has been proven to be a flat out liar with respect to his libelous statements about President Obama. Where was your outrage???). It seems to be indicative for the present prevailing mindset in certain parts of this country that you focus your outrage on “formalities” like not knowing who I am rather than on the actual worrisome issues.

I will start publishing under my name, when I see also conservative people in this town starting to speak up against lies, fake news and unconstitutional behavior by the Trump administration, instead of being a part of the threatening posture modeled by them. As long as the Los Alamos Daily Post publishes my letters, I will be part of a value based discussion in this town (they know my identity). If the Post refuses to continue my anonymous letters, this is their right and I will accept this.

As for your reply. I understand that you disagree with what I replied to you. As you provide not a single factual counterpoint to my reply, there is no discussion I have to offer that could lead to a better understanding of your unquestioning support for this government versus my more critical views.


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