Letter To The Editor: What Country Has Better Politics?

Los Alamos
This past week I was passing out campaign cards for New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Judy Nakamura. I handed a card to a gentleman who promptly handed it back saying, ”I don’t do politics.” Another young man refused to even look at the card.
I was a bit taken aback. The least I expected was that they were supporting another candidate. No! They did not wish to get involved.
I am old enough to remember when good people refused to get involved and we lost a lot of the greatest generation in a terrible war. Ask any GI who has been there what he or she thinks is the better way to go; our way or theirs.
Politics is a blood sport and can be very twisted but what we have is still better than any other system man has yet devised. We are not perfect. I have seen the outcome of an election turn on one vote. I alternately despair and cheer the decisions of the American electorate but the worst decisions are usually when the electorate refuses to participate.
I can only say to those who do not like our politics and government and how we got there, did you do your part in making decisions and did you participate? If you did not like the results get out and work to make things more to your liking. If you don’t like what is going on, make a difference.
If you don’t participate you get what you deseve. Too bad you can’t interview the men and women lying in our military cemetaries. The ones who came back invented the American Legion Boys’ State and Girls:’ State programs that give our youth opportunity to learn the what, when, where, why and how of our government.
I always liked Barry Goldwaters answer as to why he ran for president: “This country has been so good to me and my family I need to do something to express my gratitude.”