Letter to the Editor: What Are We Voting On Anyway?

By Joel M. Williams
Los Alamos

One would gather that the voters are voting on a bunch of amendments to the charter so that the revision is final and ratified by us.

Apparently, NOT SO. We have just gotten a new administrator whose input would be valuable, but there seems to be an effort to drive the CRC’s revision through with all haste.

So, why are we now in the throes of MORE amendments by the council while we are voting?

Sounds like the CRC and the council are piecemealing it to us and certainly do NOT have a firm grasp on the total situation/package. So much for a comprehensive review!

Are we to believe that the council will eventually get around to what IT feels the charter should be and declared it GOOD and done and final, in the sense that it is the legal document that we citizens believe Los Alamos County Council is using to govern us by.

The four gall-stones could have been placed on the ballot without all the agreed-upon rewording and changes.

Based on the latest moves by the council, we citizens are NOT voting on the final revised charter.

Obviously, we are not voting on what the charter will finally look like as the council is recommending more changes even as we vote.

What are we, the citizens, voting for anyway? If we are to believe that we are voting on the final version, then the council and CRC should tell all to send the issue back for more consideration as they themselves don’t believe (by recorded action this week) the revision is complete, but needs some more amending!


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