Letter To The Editor: We’re About To Be Branded…

Los Alamos

I am writing this letter in response to the fact that we are again about to be branded. 

I assume that the purpose of “branding” is to attract outsiders to our town by exemplifying our unique characteristics and attributes (I am thinking of the slogans “The City Different” and the “Land of Enchantment”, which apply to Santa Fe and New Mexico). 

While “Live Exponentially” might have been a catchy slogan, it was hard to see how it applied uniquely to Los Alamos. Since Los Alamos attracts people who can think out-of-the-box and are occasionally eccentric, I hope that my suggestions display these attributes while getting the creative juices of others flowing. 

My suggestions are listed below (some may have been suggested previously):

  • Since we live in the great Southwest, we could modify the song “Home on the Range” by changing the words “where the deer and the antelope play” to “where the odd and smart people play.”
  • “Get High on Science:” This is not the same slogan used in Colorado “Get High,” but we are at 7,500 ft.
  • “Science in God’s Country:” This covers all of our attributes.
  • “History Making Science:” Science in Los Alamos has changed the world.
  • “Science and Enchantment:” A play on New Mexico’s slogan.

Remember that the purpose of branding is to attract the attention of the outside world while being applicable to what make Los Alamos unique. Get your creative and eccentric juices flowing, have fun, and come up with a better brand.


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