Letter To The Editor: Welcome To The Hill Nambe Drugs

Los Alamos

Some of us, up here in town are already very familiar with our new pharmacy, Nambe Drug Store, located in Central Park Square. 

The main store is located in Pojaque. Many of us, including myself, have been customers there for many years. I just want to share with you all; a few reasons, why I’m thrilled that they’ve opened a store up here. 

Not only are they “always” able to get my prescription(s) filled … they’ve actually been delivering prescriptions to us, up here on the hill, when a customer couldn’t make the drive down to Pojuaque. On occasion, I’ve been one of those, and Tom not only delivers; he does so with a genuine smile. 

The entire staff, has always been genuinely friendly, kind and understanding. It’s always as pleasant as can be to visit their pharmacy … like “stepping back in time” … where folks remember who you are; taking the time to ask “how are you doing?” and actually taking a moment to listen to your response. Since we’re at the pharmacy, filling prescriptions, due to a variety of ailments, these little things can make such a difference in our day. 

Thank you to all of you at Nambe Drugs, and “welcome to the hill”! Those of you who haven’t been there yet; stop in to visit, ask questions, or just say “hello”. I believe that you’ll feel the difference. 


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