Letter To The Editor: We Need To Stop Invoking Nazis

Los Alamos

Between Jacqueline Krohn’s letter to the editor in the Los Alamos Daily Post and another letter to the editor in the last edition of the Jemez Thunder, there’s been a lot of invoking Nazism to attack various beliefs lately, and I want to take a stand against that.

It is important not to forget what the Nazis were: a racist, genocidal regime that murdered 10 million people for nothing more than who they were, and helped start a war that killed another 60 million plus people. Because of how abominable their beliefs and actions were, one should never draw comparisons with them unless there’s a similar level of racist ideology and intent to harm involved.

When there isn’t, such comparisons serve a single purpose, which is to automatically delegitimize an opposing opinion without actually attempting to engage with it. If one’s own views are so lacking in intellectual rigor that they can only be supported by such an insulting attack on the opposing viewpoint, then one should probably reconsider those views.

We need to be engaging in dialogue and understanding in this country, not viciously attacking one another.

And for the record, I fully support Planned Parenthood and their work to support the recognition of women’s fundamental human rights against those who use underhanded tactics and misdirection to undermine them.


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