Letter To The Editor: We Need Lauren Coupland On School Board

Los Alamos

Lauren Coupland is easily the best choice for the District 3 School Board Representative. Having homeschooled my kids until the last two years, my personal experience with LAPS has been somewhat limited. However, I have not been disinterested in what’s been happening within the district. 

Any time I’ve had a question, expressed a concern, sought more information, or wanted an update on some event or policy, the person who has responded without fail every single time has been Lauren Coupland. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that voting Lauren onto the School Board is simply going to be the natural extension of a role she’s held for years.

Her consistent and in-depth involvement have kept her completely up to date with the issues before the Board. She is astutely aware of the concerns in the community, and she has the personal and professional experience to back up her campaign and make her fully qualified to immediately and effectively engage as a board member.  

For the last ten years, Lauren has followed the school board meetings, observed legislative hearings related to education and school laws. She served on the calendar committee which included: presenting and reporting to the school board and community; personally engaging in online forums to help parents understand what all the changes would mean, explaining why the changes were being considered, and sharing all the moving pieces the board was having to juggle to figure it out. She served on the Equity Council to propose new policies and develop a Multicultural calendar because, as a woman and mother facing various educational challenges herself as well as being Jewish, she wants to see the District become more aware, informed, and understanding of all students.

Having known Lauren for ten years, the thing I admire the most about her is that she cuts through the crap. She is not afraid to confront the status quo, to call out wrongs or to apologize when she has messed up. She is not afraid to take on hard conversations, do the research, back up her argument or concede when you have the better evidence. She is fearless when it comes to fighting for the rights and needs of children, and hugely creative and compassionate when it comes to problem-solving for those who are struggling or needing support. 

Her resume reflects her ability to work with all levels and layers of people and her experience as a teacher, speech coach, volunteer, PTO liaison, facilitator, committee member, fundraiser; and community leader all make her more than ready and qualified to serve on the school board.   

Yes, she will surely “stir-the-pot” on occasion, but we need school board members like her who are willing to say the things that need to be said! Who are willing to make the necessary changes for all of those families who have been begging for change! Who are willing to engage at the neighborhood, county, and state levels to seek the best education and options for our kids and school staff.  

If you are eager to see more accountability in the schools, more real talk about what’s happening in education, and more creative implementation, then do Los Alamos a favor and vote for Lauren Coupland, District 3, for the school board.            


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