Letter to the Editor: We Need Judges Willing To Hold Criminals Accountable

Los Alamos

Enough is enough! It is time for a change in the first judicial court.

We need a judge who is willing to recognize that a victim of a crime should at least have some rights as well as the respect of the court. We need a judge who is willing to hold a criminal accountable for their crimes and quit “plea dealing” them back on to the streets to continue their criminal careers.

Judge Sheri Raphaelson’s sentencing record is atrocious! Her “catch and release” program belongs in the New Mexico Game and Fish Department, not in the courts. I urge all fellow New Mexicans to vote “No” on retaining Judge Raphaelson in Tuesday’s election. It is time to get her off the bench.

Even the JPEC (New Mexico Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission) has recommended “do not retain” for this judge. It is time to let her know that victims deserve some respect and the criminals deserve to be held accountable for their crimes. Vote “No” for retention on Tuesday.