Letter To The Editor: We Can’t Have It Both Ways

Los Alamos

In reference to Donald Simonson’s column, “How Corporate Tax Loopholes Compromise Our Future”, Simonson does not want to admit, or doesn’t understand that corporations don’t pay taxes; their customers do.  

Consumers pay for every cost of running a business, plus a bit more to make it worth the owners’ time to keep the business open.

Trying to enforce some type of imaginary corporate tax only increases the tax burden on all of us. On the other hand, making a state attractive to corporations by lowering the tax burden increases prosperity to that state’s citizens by providing jobs.

One only has to look at how many businesses California has lost to Arizona, Nevada and Texas to see this is true.

But, Simonson does have one comment correct. We can’t have it both ways. We cannot hope to attract businesses to New Mexico to hire our citizens and then tell them that we will make sure they pay their fair share through stringent tax laws.


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