Letter To The Editor: We Can’t Be Complacent About Election 

Los Alamos

It’s incomprehensible that people, hundreds of thousands of whom are actually hurt by Republican Party and administration’s policies, refuse to think and continue to offer up their loyal and adamant support.

Then I consider China under Chairman Mao Zedong. Mao dictated how farms were to raise crops and livestock. Farmers knew Mao’s “reforms” would actually reduce production vs. increase it. 

But as China slid into starvation, though many recognized the folly, starving millions continued to believe in Mao.

Sadly, humankind has an unfortunate ability to ignore history and willingly wear blinders. We’re not dealing with mass starvation like China 1959-1961, but we cannot be complacent about this upcoming election. 

Our Democracy, our environment, and our life in this country as we know it is in jeopardy. We must turn out the vote to save this country in November. Please.


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