Letter To The Editor: We Are Incredibly Lucky To Have Public Schools Of Such High Caliber

Los Alamos

I was talking to someone the other day about life in Los Alamos. My friend asked me whether or not my husband and I intended to stay in Los Alamos when we retire (many years from now). I said, although we hoped to travel when we retire, I couldn’t imagine anywhere else I would rather live. We have great friends, the weather is perfect, we enjoy our home, etc.

My friend still has school-aged children and we began discussing schools. My husband and I have two children who graduated from Los Alamos Public Schools. We talked about how we appreciate that Los Alamos Schools are as good as the private schools our friend’s children in other states attend. We agreed that we are incredibly lucky to have public schools of such a high caliber. 

This is why I will support the school’s bond election. The schools that were recently rebuilt are a beautiful addition to our neighborhoods. Our other schools need repair and rebuilding as well. Without the support of our community, this won’t happen. Los Alamos depends on its ability to attract people to the lab. Many of the new hires will be young families. Good schools will be high on their list when they choose a place to settle. Although the education is solid, crumbling buildings with old pipes and wires are not attractive.

I am happy my taxes will not increase if the bond passes, but I understand that we have to pay for the things we want and need in our town. I am hoping the school bond passes by a wide margin.