Letter To The Editor: We Are Fortunate To Have Two Great People Running For House District 43

Los Alamos

As a registered Democrat, I would like to add my name to that of the League of Women Voters of Los Alamos in expressing my contempt for the PACs that are sending distorted, lurid mailings to our homes. In my case, the mailings that have found their way to my mailbox and garbage can have been attacks on Sharon Stover. What is more mortifying for me is that the originator, Patriot Majority, is heavily funded by labor unions. As a member of my own union’s Board of Directors while I was at the University of Hawaii (the UH Professional Assembly), that leaves me livid.

In my capacity as a county board member, I have worked a lot with Sharon Stover and count her as a friend as well as a colleague in public service. She, like Stephanie Garcia Richard, has worked hard for the betterment of this community.

We are fortunate to have two great people running for the 43rd District seat. They differ profoundly on some substantive issues, and that should be the discussion we are having leading into Election Day. Ironically I strongly disagree with Ms. Stover’s stated position in regards to so called “Right to Work” laws even though the unions who are unethically funding the attack ads out of member dues embarrass me. If I were on one of those union boards, I would resign in protest.

So really. Read up on the candidate’s voting records and position statements. The lurid mailings should go straight to the trash. And I thank both candidates for running for office; we are the ultimate beneficiaries of their willingness to do the hard work of public service.