Letter To The Editor: Walk Your Rec Ballot In Today Or Tomorrow … And Please Vote Yes!

Los Alamos

You can still vote on the Rec Bond if you walk your ballot in today or tomorrow. I am voting yes and i hope you do, too.

In a small town like ours, a Bond question can be won – or lost – by just one vote, or a small handful of votes. Your vote will make a difference.
You can turn your ballot in, in person at this point, at the Municipal Building at 10th & Central, on the 2nd floor, in the County Clerk’s Office. It has to be in the Clerk’s Office before 7 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday.
While it’s true that property taxes would go up by about $18/ month for every $300,000, that the County thinks your house is worth, for me and my family, that is a reasonable price to pay for the great improvement to the quality of life in Los Alamos that the bond would help provide.
Most of you probably know these things, but we have elementary aged kids in town who have to play team sports, like basketball and volleyball, late at night, on linoleum over cement floors at our elementary schools, because as a community we do not have enough gym space. Of course, more court space means more space for adult league and dance groups as well. (And the County has worked with the Y on assessing community needs; their leadership is on record in favor of this Bond.) At the new rec center, we would also have an indoor ice rink that could be used year-round.
This bond would also finally provide the multi-generational pool at the Aquatic Center – something that is a benefit to all ages and a real community asset.
There are many other great things about this bond – including a nice splash pad play area in White Rock and improved ball fields in White Rock. 
Please dig that envelope out of the mail pile and get it walked in and I hope you vote yes! Thanks.