Letter To The Editor: Walk Through Past 400,000 Years

Los Alamos

Many predictions of disasters and their non-occurrence have been made (Earth Day — Or Watermelon Day? by Allen Cogbill).

Most have to do with short-term predictions about warmer weather and shortages of food, fuel and mineral as mankind goes merrily along and ever expanding.

Long-term global temperature cycles put mankind in a gigantic thermal vise! Even with unlimited natural resources, food production during thermal perigees is NOT likely to support much global population. Food foraging-agriculture-food foraging cycles are likely over 120,000-year spans. Based on the earth’s thermal position in the latest cycle, where does the reader think we are headed?

The reader is invited to take a walk through the past 400,000 years of global thermal change by viewing this 2.5 minute Youtube: Global Free Range and Ice Core Data (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLCvFUerr18).


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