Letter To The Editor: Vote Yes On Schools Bond

Los Alamos County Councilor

Because we don’t have our own children, we were supporters and observers of our schools system as community members and property owners, until a young nephew came to live with us and attend Los Alamos High School. What he found was a system that had the resources not just to teach reading, writing, science, math and computer skills, but to offer music, sports, debate, and many other extracurricular programs. All of these things helped him learn and grow in many ways, and he was well prepared for college. 

The HB33 schools bond, on which Los Alamos citizens can vote by mail no later than Jan. 26, provides money to maintain our schools and buy needed equipment and facilities. As a County Councilor, I have consistently voted against raising the County’s portion of property taxes, in part because I believe this community prefers that property taxes should go first to support our schools.  Good schools benefit everyone, not just in the young lives changed for the better, but by building a prosperous community with good property values. 

Please join us in voting yes for the HB33 schools bond.