Letter To The Editor: Vote To Keep Office Of Sheriff

Los Alamos

To the people of Los Alamos:

This community is about to make a very important decision to keep or abolish the office of our County Sheriff. Sheriff Lucero is a devoted, experienced Law Enforcement officer, parent and Christian. He has served this community with honor and integrity in spite of numerous attacks from those who fear that office.

Many of you are not aware that Sheriff Lucero went before the New Mexico State Legislature on behalf of this community and the entire state to propose a more rigid sentence for sex offenders, mostly emphasizing pedophiles. He was opposed by a lawyer from this community during the state legislature meeting. WHY? This same lawyer’s wife is now running for a county council position and both are instrumental instigators to abolishing the Office of the Sheriff.

Sheriff Lucero and his staff have faced abuses from a group of county officials and they continue to serve this community with the highest integrity. Another person running for a position as a county councilor is a past contender for the office of our county Sheriff. He is openly a supporter of eliminating the Office of Sheriff. Why did he run for that office? He has stated that this county does not need a Sheriff. He also stated that he ran for the Sheriffs Office to support a portion of the county charter that is contrary to State law and would make him a total puppet to those who are desperately trying to eliminate that office. 

A vote to eliminate the Office of Sheriff will be a vote against the protection of the people of this community. It would also upset our system of checks and balances and turn total power over to a small group that seem to want control without any legal oversight from us, THE CITIZENS.

The Sheriff is that balance. Vote to retain your protection against corruption when it occurs. Vote to retain the Office of Sheriff.