Letter To The Editor: Vote NO To Doubling A Property Tax

Los Alamos 

It’s true. You are being asked to double one of your property taxes. Your property taxes are made up of lots of individual tax burdens. 

This whole LAPS Bond issue has been focusing on how there will not be a Tax Rate increase.  Just look at the front page of Thursday’s Los Alamos Daily Post, first article (link) on the Front Page, continues onto Page 8; LAPS: No Tax Rate Increase. Only one line buried in a paragraph says that LAPS Bond is one of two items on the ballot.

The second item on the ballot is the Property Tax Poison Pill. It is the UNM-LA Mil Levy. It calls for a 1 Mil Levy, or $1 Property Tax Increase per $1,000 of assessed property value. The assessed value of your home/property is about 33 percent of the appraised price. The sales pitch is that it amounts to about $100 on a $300,000 home in Los Alamos.

So here is the fine/invisible print … there is already a 1 Mil Levy in place for UNM-LA as an item in your property taxes. Voting for it on this LAPS Bond ballot doubles that property tax. So you are already paying that $100 if you own a $300,000 home. Item 2 on the ballot, if approved, doubles that tax to $200.

We’re told that UNM in Albuquerque doesn’t send money to UNM-LA. Why? Maybe because they can’t sustain themselves with the programs they offer and tuitions that they receive.  Maybe that is why the homeowners in Los Alamos are being taxed to support a college for the northern part of the state.

I think if Northern New Mexico needs this college, the Northern New Mexico homeowners can all pony up a 1 Mil Levy on all their properties along with Los Alamos. Then UNM-LA will have all the money they need. This should not be Los Alamos’ bill.

I pay enough in taxes. Stop telling me that I should pay more in taxes because I pay less than wherever you came from or some other part of the state’s property tax rate. My taxes don’t need to go up to maintain parity.

I’m voting ‘No’ on the Mil Levy and the doubling of that property tax.