Letter to the Editor: Vote for Michelle Hall for UNM-LA Advisory Board

By Jack and Colleen Hanlon
Los Alamos

Please vote for Michelle Hall for the UNM-LA Advisory Board.

We believe Michelle is the best candidate for position one, which is the only contested seat in the election.

We are writing because such an outstanding candidate for the UNM-LA Advisory Board rarely comes along. If elected, Michelle will bring new vision, renewed enthusiasm and new ideas to the UNM-LA Board.

Here are just a few of her career highlights: She taught Geophysical Science at the University of Arizona for 10 years; she has been a Program Director at the National Science Foundation; she is the President of Science Education Solutions, a company located in Los Alamos; she worked with UNMLA faculty to bring millions of dollars of NSF grant money to the UNMLA campus STEM programs; she initiated and is responsible for the New Mexico Café Scientific, which brings exciting science programs to New Mexico teens, and she recently received a $2.6 million grant from the National Science Foundation to spread that program nationally; she received the 2012 Excellence in Education Award, which is the top prize from the Geophysical Union; she has written two text books: one for HS Earth Science and a college level text on Geophysical Science.

Michelle Hall will make a terrific UNM-LA Advisory Board member.

The UNM-LA Advisory Board election time is here. This Friday, Feb. 1, is the last day you can cast a pre-election day vote or get an absentee ballot at the County Clerk’s Office across from the movie theater, in the trailer right behind the Demo Garden.

The actual voting day and last day to turn in absentee ballots is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5, at the Community Building in Los Alamos and at the Fire Station in White Rock.

Please vote.


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