Letter To The Editor: Vote For Lisa Shin

Los Alamos
Vote for Lisa Shin: a Transparent and Honest Voice in our Government
I am writing to express my support for Republican Lisa Shin in her candidacy for the New Mexico House of Representatives: District 43. Among other things, Lisa believes in limited government and lower taxes so that individuals and families have more freedom in their daily lives. She is genuine and honest; how often do we find that in a politician? She prioritizes the needs and concerns of people over a personal agenda or a party platform. If elected, she is determined to focus on issues of critical importance to Los Alamos and the other communities in our district.
Lisa is a strong advocate for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Thank goodness for that! Would we even have a town if we didn’t have that Lab? She wants to support our Lab by growing its scientific base and defending its national security missions.
Lisa believes that strong families and parental involvement are necessary for the educational success of students. She understands the importance of parents being able to make decisions that are right for their children. A governmental bureaucrat does not know or care for our children as much as we do. Have you all noticed how our governments are encroaching on our individual rights? I feel that this trend needs to be turned back around, and Lisa has the same philosophy.
We must vote for the person who really cares about the everyday concerns of the people. I have total confidence in Lisa Shin, whose goals, aims and dreams will move us toward a government that serves community interests, rather than the interests of a select few. She will truly be a transparent and an honest voice in our government. Please join me in voting for her Nov. 6!

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