Letter To The Editor: Vote For Bernstein

Former School Board Member
Los Alamos Public Schools

Serving on the LAPS school board with Christine Bernstein was an honor. There’s no question in my mind, Chris Bernstein needs to stay on the board. I saw firsthand how Chris worked tirelessly to elevate the voices of both students and teachers in the district. That type of representation is pivotal to the success of a school district. 

Vote for Bernstein in this election. Vote for consistency. Vote for the candidate who teachers and students trust. I’d vote for Bernstein because I trust her, because she’s been doing the work to serve the district, and because she cares. I’d vote for Chris because she’s innovative and she has experience. Christine Bernstein does the work; she attends countless conferences and trainings at the state level for school board members. She has the most training of anyone currently on the board.

When the board has been criticized for not being transparent, Bernstein called for more accountability. Bernstein connected with district lawyers to make sure the ways of transparency and openness were elevated. And she did so even though it got her chastised and criticized by other board members. She went to the mat for you Los Alamos. And she didn’t back down. 

There are many things that go on behind the scenes of a school board, LAPS can rest assured that with Chris Bernstein on its board that the public will remain informed with honesty. Being on the board is hard, it’s a job, it’s sometimes thankless, and it’s sometimes demoralizing. Christine Bernstein will never give up. She will make sure that the people with the smallest voice are heard.

I’ve been there in board meetings and in closed sessions, and at conferences. I’ve seen Bernstein at work. You need her Los Alamos; you want her on your school board. You can confidently vote for the candidate who has the years of experience, the trust of the students and teachers, and the integrity to  hold accountability and transparency at the forefront of every single meeting.

My time on the board was short, I don’t have what it takes. I couldn’t hold a balance between the high intensity of being a representative and my personal life. Those angry emails and LTE’s tore me down emotionally. Comments from the public like, “it’d have been better if you resigned than vote to make masking in schools optional,” were destructive to me. Because it makes a person feel as though they have no value. This is the reality of serving the public.

Throughout all of the challenges, Christine Bernstein has never given up. She’s never wavered in her commitment to seeing LAPS succeed. She asks the  questions people want to know the answers to. Vote for Bernstein. Vote for trust, vote for experience, vote for transparency, vote for Bernstein.

Thank you.


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