Letter To The Editor: Vote Christine For Dist. 43

Los Alamos
I enthusiastically support Christine Chandler to be our representative for New Mexico House District #43. I especially appreciate Christine’s role while on the County Council, in helping save the PAC 8 Community Media Center — several times!
While working with Christine on various civic activities – most recently the Los Alamos County Transportation Board, I have come to appreciate her insights and fear her questions. And she doesn’t stop. This sounds wonkish, but policy wonks are vital for keeping the lights on, repairing our aging infrastructure, maintaining a high level of services — including our world-class fire and police departments.
We all know the challenges our County, House Dist. 43 and New Mexico face – education, our economy, public safety. But let’s focus on healthcare during this 2018 flu season, which started with fears of another 1918-style pandemic and which we were not ready for. My mother’s family was devastated by the 1918 “Spanish” flu, so this is close to my heart.
No 2018 flu pandemic, but we won’t always get away with it. Pandemics will come, and the advance planning – medical personnel, facilities, insurance – will determine how bad they will be.
To tackle problems before they happen, we need Christine Chandler’s deep understanding of the issues – coupled with her indefatigable determination, and the fact that she is – forgive me, Christine – a bit of a policy wonk.