Letter To The Editor: Vote Christine Chandler For Dist. 43 … A Person Of Energy, Intelligence And Integrity

Santa Fe

I highly recommend Christine Chandler for District 43, New Mexico State House.

I have known Christine for more than 30 years as a colleague, supervisor and friend. She is a person of energy, intelligence and integrity. In all the time I have known her, she has devoted herself to public service and to volunteering in the community.

As we all know, New Mexico has a serious problem with its education system. This impacts not only the   lives and futures of the children themselves, but the ability of our state economy to thrive in a highly competitive atmosphere. Christine knows that education from pre-K through college is the foundation for decent wages, healthy families and a sustainable quality of life for all citizens of New Mexico.

She is prepared to begin on day one to work to find solutions to this intractable problem, and I have no doubt that she will spearhead important improvements to education in our state. Likewise, I know Christine will fight for access to medical care for all, another fundamental necessity to a vibrant and healthy state.

Christine understands the fundamental needs of a healthy community through her work as a Los Alamos County Councilor. Prudent investments in infrastructure, public and school safety and critical services are key factors in creating and maintaining a livable community. Having worked with her for 20 years, I know she will continue to support strong protections to preserve our precious New Mexico environment, and the public lands that make our state so unique.

She has gained a working knowledge of the Legislature in recent years as a lawyer for one of the key committees. This will allow her to begin right away to advocate for the District without having to first learn the ropes. She will listen carefully to rational debate and then decide on the issues based on the public interest of the State and her District. I believe Christine is a reasoned progressive with a strong core of values centered on public service, improving the lives of our children and building healthy communities. I know she will work hard to promote these values.

I urge you to vote for Christine Chandler for House District 43.

Thank you.


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