Letter To The Editor: Vote Against Removing Sheriff

Los Alamos

Since our county was incorporated we have always had a sheriff. The sheriff has a limited but important role in our local government; and, by all accounts our current sheriff has done an excellent job. Why is there a need now to change the system that has worked for 40 plus years?

I have read the viewpoints favoring abolishing the office and in my opinion I find no substantial reason to change the system. We will not save any tax dollars by moving the responsibilities to the police department they will need to be compensated for added duties; and as far as liability is concerned it was not an issue for forty plus years suddenly its an issue. Unfortunately, this is a politically motivated agenda.

This is not the first time the issue of removing the sheriff has come upbut it is the first time the Council took such vicious steps toward a decent elected official.

The present Council presented an ordinance to amend the Charter to remove the office of sheriff, but before the hearing on the ordinance could take place, the Council made a separate resolution and passed it four to one to strip the sheriff of most of his duties. If the intent was to place the issue before the voters then why not wait before taking any further action. However, not only did the Council not wait for election results but they also did not wait for the hearing on the ordinance. Why the hurry? This whole situation feels less like a democracy but more like a dictatorship.

Councilor Girrens if you are for the sheriff as you now claim to be why did you vote to strip the sheriff of most of his duties? Personally, I am appalled by the actions of this Council and will not support anyone who participated in such destructive and vindictive behavior.

I agree with Councilor Sheehey, the only Council member to vote against the resolution, our sheriff should have been treated with more respect.


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