Letter To The Editor: Using One’s Vote On Rec Bond As Revenge For Unrelated Issue Is Not Rational

Los Alamos


I too found Patrick Brenner’s email to County Councilors regarding the Rec Bond issue to be quite disturbing. I seldom feel the need to respond, and I do not know Patrick Brenner, but his verbal attack on County Councilors, etc. truly seemed like the rantings of a genuinely unstable individual. I am so relieved that he was not elected to County Council when he ran.
During my nearly 20 years in Los Alamos I have voted for County Councilors on both sides of the political aisle – so this comment is in no way a partisan issue, nor a reflection of my opinion regarding the Rec Bond vote. Anyone who, among other things, suggests using one’s vote on the Rec Bond as revenge for a completely unrelated issue (the Sheriff), and then goes on to disparage all County Councilors with the repeated words “SHAME” and “PIGS” in caps is not coming from a rational place, and certainly shouldn’t be in public office, here or anywhere else.