Letter To The Editor: Upcoming Voting

Los Alamos
I’m glad the Presidential Election is finally over, unfortunately we here in Los Alamos still have more B.S. to deal with. I’m referring to the upcoming “All Mail” ballots to vote for the Bonds and Mil Levi’s.
First off it should be illegal for anyone other than property owners to be able to vote on these since they’re the ones who are going to have to pay for them.
But, as a Landlord, I have informed my tenants that if these items should pass I will be significantly raising their rent to cover the property tax increase and I’m sure other Landlords will do the same.
I’m all for continued support for our local Schools but UNM-LA and the County need to find other ways to pay for their budget shortfalls and future projects.
When it comes to UNM-LA, which has become more of a liability than an asset to Los Alamos, I’m sure not going to support an institution (or any other College) that caters to a bunch of Millennial Cry Babies that need “Safe Spaces”, “Cry Rooms”, and gives them kittens and coloring books for throwing temper tantrums every time they don’t get their way!
Colleges coddle these spoiled brats instead of toughening them up and getting them ready for the rough and tumble world of the highly-competitive private sector where only the smart and tough get promoted.
Not to mention allowing their professors to spew a constant borage of Liberal Propaganda filling the student’s heads with political garbage and un-truths when they need to stick to the subject they were hired to teach and keep their personal opinions to themselves. It’s a real problem that we are turning this country over to a generation that the best way to handle their differences is to scream, whine, and pout.
UNM-LA needs to figure out how to balance their own finances without holding out their tin cup and begging for money from property owners. If they need more money, then charge the people that are going to use the facility by raising tuition and student fees. The residents in this town are certainly wealthy enough to be able to afford it.
As for the Capital Improvement Projects – the County can’t manage the money they have now! They repaint fire hydrants (the same color) that were just painted and more recently power wash and paint curbs on 41st Street in Western Area (with winds howling at 30+ mph) that will be torn up and replaced in the Spring, and how many thousands of dollars were wasted on that stupid symbol painted on the street at the intersection of 15th and central where you can’t tell what it is or says.
Then there’s the snowplows in the winter plowing streets that are free of snow and ice doing more harm than good causing damage to the streets creating costly repairs. They also destroy our lawns with oversized man hole covers for the water meters and litter our streets with unnecessary road signs. The list of wasteful spending in L.A. goes on and on.
If this is how the County manages the money, we give them then I’m sure not about to approve giving them more! The County needs to do some more serious cuts in their operating costs and be smarter about how they spend our tax dollars. They need to fix what we have (Golf Course, Ice Rink, etc.) and quit asking property owners to shell out more money for ridiculous projects (especially another Ice Rink) that benefit only the select few.
What I really love is how the Council tries to trivialize the tax increase by quoting the $30.00 tax increase by not mentioning that that is per month so if you calculate the actual increase it comes to $360.00 a year. Add that to the UNM-LA mil levy and you could end up paying close to $1,000.00 a year in increased taxes. If that amount doesn’t faze you then you are overpaid and make too much money while for the rest of us that is a real kick in the teeth.
Like the millennials mentioned above the people of this town expect things to be given to them at the expense and sacrifice of others. They just want more places to dump off their kids so they don’t have to be parents.
I’ve lived in Los Alamos my whole life in a house my father and I built. When I was a kid we had a thing called “IMAGINATION”. We didn’t need all these amenities to find things to amuse ourselves. Our parents were the  definition a “Parent”. We were taught to respect our elders. We were taught to respect others rights and viewpoints. We were also taught to respect the police and do what they ordered us to do without hesitation. It’s time parents start being parents again and teach your kids by example that you don’t always get what you want especially if it’s through the sacrifice of others.
I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit idly by and let this town try to price me out of continuing to live here.  Have the people that are going to use these new facilities pay for them and leave the property owners out of it.