Letter to the Editor: UNM-LA Needs to be Part of Dynamic Future

Los Alamos

Dear Los Alamos citizens:

After being away from Los Alamos all summer, the progress in our town comes across as really impressive. Work on the Trinity Site seems really serious. 

David Griggs of the county staff, gave me my first tour of the new County Municipal Building. I haven’t had time to look closely at the pond redevelopment project, but it is good to see it moving ahead. It is also good to see a real building growing at the golf course that also will provide a large space and kitchen facility for the community to use for special occasions. 

When these wonderful projects are considered together with the county improvements over the past years in White Rock and the hill, I can’t help but feel that Los Alamos has turned the corner to the dynamic future that we would like to see.

The college needs to be part of this. Los Alamos has benefitted from the college in many different ways over the years. As Los Alamos has changed, the college has changed as well and the evolution continues. As Los Alamos changes further, let’s provide the support that enables this asset to grow in its contribution to a dynamic new community. 

Your community needs your vote to enable the college to help drive the new future of Los Alamos.



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