Letter To The Editor: UNM-LA Advisory Board

Los Alamos
Recently, I announced my candidacy for the UNM-LA Advisory Board.
I had previously sought this position in 2013, but lost to Michael DiRosa. Then, earlier this year, I sought to replace Michael DiRosa after he accepted a new position in Washington DC. Although still unsuccessful, I vowed to keep on trying. So, third time’s the charm.
Before deciding to run again, I really wanted to continue to help UNM-LA. After the appointment of a new board member, I was approached by the Advisory Board and UNM-LA administration to discuss the upcoming Mil Levy election. After much discussion, I decided to serve as chairman of the local Political Action Committee, Education Drives Discoveries, and help to get the Mil Levy passed.
Now, we are in the middle of that election, and I have started another, but the goals are the same. I want to help UNM-LA. A healthy, vibrant university means a healthy, vibrant community. By voting YES in January, the citizens of Los Alamos will help UNM-LA survive the constant cuts from the state in their operational budget.
This will allow UNM-LA to restore positions it has lost, continue its amazing programs like the Dual Credit program and the Community Internship Collaboration, and either expand those programs or look to new programs to meet the demands of an ever changing work force. As a first time homeowner, I am proud to mark YES and know a portion of the property tax that I pay would be going to such an important asset in the community.
Once the Mil Levy has been decided, I hope the voters of Los Alamos will provide me the opportunity to serve on UNM-LA’s Advisory Board. As a former student, I feel that I will bring a unique perspective to the board when ideas are presented to by UNM-LA Administration.
I will continually reach out to the students of UNM-LA and the high school to investigate what ways the board could help make their time at UNM-LA better served.
Also, I feel that I can serve as a great ambassador of not only UNM-LA, but other branch campuses around New Mexico at the UNM Board of Regents. Finally, receiving funding from Los Alamos with the passing of the Mil Levy, I will ensure those funds are being spent wisely. I have complete confidence in Dr. Rooney and the wonderful staff at UNM-LA, but I am a firm believer in being a good steward with other’s money.
UNM-LA is the campus I call my alma mater. It may not have the massive facilities with large grounds, or roaring crowds at sport events, but it is where I discovered who I was, and the life I wanted to live. The education I received at UNM-LA provided me the opportunity to decrease the time and money I needed to spend to receive my undergraduate degree.
Also, deciding to participate in the Student Government and Phi Theta Kappa gave me the confidence and passion for service. I took this passion to Delta Sigma Pi, Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation, Republican Party of Los Alamos, and the Environmental Sustainability Board. All of this can be attributed to my time at UNM-LA, and it is my wish that every student in Los Alamos has the opportunity to take advantage of the easy access to higher education in our back yard.
Thank you for all your support! Please consider voting YES to the UNM-LA Mil Levy as you receive your ballot. Also, I would like again to ask your support on Feb. 7.
My name is James Robinson, and I am running for Position 5 of the UNM-LA Advisory Board.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at jnrobinson88@gmail.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com\jamesrobinson01
Thank you, and have a great start to the new year!