Letter To The Editor: Two Historic Buildings On Tour

Los Alamos
On March 25, 1943, I arrived at 109 East Palace in Santa Fe to start work at Los Alamos. The House was not finished yet in Los Alamos, so I spent a week at Rancho del Monte in Tesuque and then another week or so on the screened-in porch of the Big House.
Finally, the first dormitory was built and I moved in. The floor plan was rather simple. Two floors had a series of two bedroom units sharing a shower, sink and toilet. At the south end of the dorm was a day room with a fireplace and a small kitchen. 
Each bedroom had a small built-in desk and book shelf. When looking at the building today, one sees a series of large windows with a small window in between. That small window is where the shared bathroom was. The building was never used for the WAC.
Civilian women had a similar dormitory across the street.
The Los Alamos Little Theater was originally a cafeteria, but not a military mess hall. It was for civilians, but any soldier would feel quite comfortable there. For my first few months, I ate all my meals at Fuller Lodge until that cafeteria was built and then until I was drafted when I switched to the SED mess hall.

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