Letter To The Editor: Two Democrats Stand For Stover

Los Alamos

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are two Democrats enthusiastically campaigning to send Republican Sharon Stover to the New Mexico House of Representatives. We do so, John as a Stover-for-District-43 advisor and Denny as the campaign manager, because Sharon is the best person to represent District 43 in this time of trouble for our beloved New Mexico.

Together, we’ve been privileged to live, work, and participate in our Los Alamos community for years when added total more than a century. The two of us brought and raised families here, worked in the Laboratory as young scientists and later as senior officials, and continue to be actively engaged in community service.

In so doing, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating, interacting, seeking out, hiring, and competing with exceptionally gifted, talented, and productive people. We consider Sharon Stover, our friend and sometimes colleague and collaborator, to be in this class of people. Sharon’s public service record and leadership accomplishments stand for themselves. These achievements, which span more than three decades, reflect her selfless, uncompromising, and lifetime commitment to the lives of people, neighborhoods, and institutions in District 43 and throughout our state. Simply put, Sharon Stover cares.

In this time of increasing division and political partisanship, you may wonder why Sharon has our support.

Historically, our District 43 contests have been “local” affairs that selected leaders who could best serve the people regardless of political party. However, during much of the last decade, times have changed. District 43 is now considered a “swing district,” where competitions have been transformed by introduction of external interests, questionable tactics, expensive campaigns, and priorities based on strong party affiliations.  

Understanding the trend, we nonetheless return to the time-honored approach of supporting the best person for our district and state regardless of party affiliation. Sharon Stover is that person. Her bold vision for New Mexico incorporates progressive reform, revitalization, and accountability. Such vision is backed by a fierce willingness and independence to stand as a leader committed to collaborative solutions that move New Mexico beyond this troubling time.

Of special importance to District 43 is the health of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. With family connections going back to WWII, Sharon appreciates the importance of the Laboratory to our region’s economy, education, and wellbeing. In supporting its national security missions and potential for future missions tied to national needs, Sharon is committed to the work of the Laboratory and more importantly to its dedicated people who staff the work.

Furthermore, she understands this vital institution to be more than a convenient revenue stream as some have recently conjectured. Given her many years of experience in working with Laboratory management, our Congressional delegation, and the National Nuclear Security Administration, Sharon is again the best person to champion the Laboratory as our District 43 Representative. 

This election provides us rare opportunity to send a true leader to the NM House. Such leaders are sorely needed to lead New Mexico out of its trouble. Therefore, we seek your vote for the best person in the District 43 race. New Mexico needs Sharon Stover!