Letter to the Editor: Try A Dog Collar

By Dog Owner With A Suggestion

I am also regularly awakened throughout the night and early morning hours by barking dogs.

I once contacted LAPD to report a neighbor dog’s nighttime incessant barking and was told to resolve the issue with the neighbor. I wasn’t comfortable doing that; and I concluded it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway because there are barky dogs throughout the neighborhood – not just next door on my street. The sound of barking dogs can be magnified by and reverberate off the structures and canyons nearby, making it nearly impossible to pinpoint which houses harbor the nuisance barkers.

I recently added a companion dog for my elderly dog. My new dog barked at everything from shadows and spider webs wafting in the breeze to the mailman … but a bark collar made a big difference. I realize that some are opposed the use of bark collars, but I couldn’t bear to have my beloved dog be a bother to my neighbors. Those with barky dogs should try a bark collar for their dogs. 

Even if no one has approached you about your barking dog, or if you think you live far enough away from a neighbor, don’t assume the barker is not a nuisance.

For those who control their dogs’ barking: thank you for being considerate neighbors.