Letter to the Editor: Trouble’s A Brewing Due To New Starbucks Installment

Los Alamos

Being an active Starbucks gold cardholder and shopping at Smiths on a regular basis, I was more than happy to see the new Smiths included my favorite coffee shop. Later did I come to find that the new Starbucks installment was not only brewing more coffee, but also brewing more trouble in our small, fragile community.

Due to the amount of new untrained baristas employed at the location, the drinks will be worse than expected. This will deter customers from buying anything, ultimately earning Starbucks less money. The sudden decrease of sales at Starbucks could force them to price up their drinks, making it more expensive for me and other Starbucks enthusiasts to enjoy.

Not to mention the utter confusion of having two locations. Often times my friends or family will ask to “Meet at the Starbucks.” or “have a drink at the Starbucks.” With two locations parents will be there to pick up their kids at the wrong store, or friends will meet at two different locations. This not only leaves children alone and untended on the street, but has the potential to break up friendships by miscommunication.

Starbucks is a gathering place for friends, family and the community, I hope it stays that way even with the new store location.