Letter to the Editor: Too Much Pessimism?

Los Alamos

Dear Los Alamos,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news … but  “Live Exponentially”, new schools, Central Avenue revitalization, Larry Walkup green whale, and MANY other projects that our County Council has spent an absolute fortune on proves one thing and one thing alone. The Los Alamos County Council doesn’t give a rats butt about what the people want … they want to do what they want and damn the people they were elected to govern. Sounds like Washington, D.C. doesn’t it?

What if they had an election and NOBODY Voted for anyone from the choices of Council candidates? Thus would be a real boon for this community and would probably be as good for it as two hundred million citizens of the USA refusing to file their taxes. What we have here is a group of politicians who are hell bent for leather on spending as much money as possible in what little time they have in office with no regard for anyone or anything else.

Does it sound like I’m in favor of the people of Los Alamos refusing to cast not one single vote for any future Council candidates? I am and I am also in favor of 200 million Americans refusing to file their income taxes to tell DC that a national debt of 18 plus TRILLION dollars is just way beyond out of hand. Do you think that the IRS, you know the ones that lies to Congress and has complete disregard to certain political persuasions, will be able to come after 200 million tax evaders? I don’t think so!

For now the people of Los Alamos need to just save your breath because the present County Council doesn’t want to hear what you are trying to tell them. They only want to spend money and make the Los Alamos Bureaucracy on par or more malignant then the one in Washington. It’s time to refuse more spend thrifts from getting into office and the only way to do that is to not vote for anyone and completely change our form of government.


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